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January, 2023

What is the budget impact of introducing peer support in psychiatric care?

How? Through interviews, reviewing reports and systematically searching for the best available scientific evidence, a budget impact analysis was conducted from a payer perspective.

What did we find? Major cost drivers were related to hiring new staff for various positions, followed by internal and external training. Limited but promising impacts from peer support can be expected in terms of health and economic outcomes, while evidence from the Nordic setting is scarce.

August, 2022

Can we measure the societal impact of of healthtech startups?

How? We reviewed all evidence generated for 13 startups within the largest healthtech community in the Nordics to find a common measurement to estimate societal health impact.

What did we find? By measuring quality-adjusted life years (QALYs) directly or indirectly through clinical studies, we can combine results from diverese solutions and health areas.