Welcome to NordIQ Analytics

Health Economics and Outcomes Research Consultancy

NordIQ Analytics is a health economics and outcomes research consultancy based in Stockholm, Sweden. Our goal is to contribute to health and healthcare by generating evidence on the economic aspects of health and disease, as well as the costs and benefits of preventive and treatment strategies.

We are health economists with a broad background and international exposure within the areas of economics, medicine, nursing and public health. We provide services within various sectors, from public to private, and have the possibility to take on projects of various sizes, from smaller statistical analyses to more comprehensive packages including full economic evaluations.

We work within the whole spectrum of health economics, from consulting on trial designs and data analysis plans to evaluation, modelling and presentation of materials for dissemination at conferences. We collaborate with professionals in various languages.

We are open to any questions and requests. Please have a look at the various services we offer and do not hesitate to contact us at any time.