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Our Services

NordIQ Analytics offers services ranging from idea conceptualization to economic evaluation. Below we list some of the services we offer. These are available in English, Swedish and Portuguese.

Identification of evidence gaps and planning

NordIQ Analytics assists partners from the very start of their projects. We help with formulating ideas and transforming concerns into potential solutions, taking into account the goals of our partners. We help scope available evidence to identify data and knowledge gaps. We also help our partners to find the most suitable instruments to measure cost and benefits in both health and economics terms. We identify and propose data sources and analysis plans to tackle the concern at hand. We provide this through:

- Scoping reviews to identify evidence gaps

- Assist with writing ethical applications

- Study design and liaison with local clinicians

- Advice on instruments for data collection

- Preparing data collection plans

- Proposing statistical analysis plans

- Preparing study protocols

Analysis and communication of results

NordIQ Analytics has experienced consultants to conduct a broad range of quantitative analyses to generate evidence within healthcare. We assist in planning and designing studies, extract and manage data, conduct statistical analyses, and provide interpretation of results for retrospective and prospective studies.

We conceptualize and develop economic models for evaluation as well as adapt exisiting models to include new aspects. Depending on what the partner requests, we can build the model in different softwares.

Our consultants have experience in conducting:

- Literature reviews and meta-analyses

- Statistical methods for the analysis of cost and effect data

- Burden of disease studies

- Cost of illness studies

- Register based studies

- Economic evaluations alongside clinical trials

- Model based economic evaluations

In addition, we have experience in communicating results at various stakeholder levels; the scientific community, policy-makers at private and public institutions as well as to the general public. Our consultants have published in peer-reviewd journals and have previously presented at scientific conferences, and at municipal and regional meetings. We assist with writing technical and layman reports, conference abstracts and scientific articles.

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